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Wye Sep Recovery Group

April 2016

The Wye Sep Recovery Group (WSRG) was formed in early January 2016 with representatives from the major service groups and charity experience with an independent co-ordinator to efficiently and fairly allocate donations from the Spirit Foundation, the Lions Club, Red Cross & other charities.

The  Recovery group’s role was to best meet community needs and projects in the recovery phase of the Christmas 2015 Bush fire in the Wye River and Separation Creek Communities.

On it’s final meeting 9 April 2016, it was decided to close the WSRG as the role of the group has largely been duplicated by the Community Resilience Committee.  It is proposed that members of the WSRG who still want to be involved in certain projects will continue their invaluable volunteer role as a sub-committee to the Progress Association so that these important community initiatives can be completed.

Community Survey for Wye & Sep Recovery

Thank you to those who took the time to respond. The Results have now been collated and a summary report with detailed appendices is attached below.

Wye Sep Survey Report

WRS01 Recovery Survey Report_appendices

Open Letter to Wye Sep

Community Services

Media Release – Free Health Checks

Lions Caravan Bookings

Lions Club of Lorne caravan accommodation






Minutes of Meetings

Wye Sep Recovery Group Minutes 9th April 2016

Wye Sep Recovery Group 2016 March 13th

Wye letter to resilience committee 7 March 2016

Wye Sep Recovery Group Minutes 28 Feb 2016

Wye Sep Recovery Group Minutes 14 Feb 2016

WSRG minutes January 31st 2016

Wye Sep Recovery Group Meeting Minutes 17 Jan 2016

Wye Sep Recovery Group Minutes 20160110

Wye Sep Recovery Group notice 11 Jan

Colac Otway Shire Bushfire Community Recovery Newsletters.  

160321 Community Resilience Newsletter

160315 Community Resilience Newsletter

160307 Community Resilience Newsletter

160229 Bushfire Recovery Community Newsletter

One Stop Shop fact sheet

160222 Bushfire Recovery Community Newsletter.dot

160215 Bushire Recovery Community Newsletter

160208 Bushfire Recovery Community Newsletter

Colac Otway Shire_EMV_community_recovery_newsletter 02-02 2016

Colac Otway Shire_EMV_community_recovery_newsletter_170116