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In 2014, the Progress Association successfully lobbied the Shire to take an active roll in controlling parking in Wye River over summer, which has been a concern to the community in past years with many cars parked for extended periods close to the beach and shops.

The Shire decided to introduce a parking trial in early 2015.

The Progress Association had a Committee Meeting with Sue Wilkinson, CEO of Colac Otway Shire in June 2015. One topic of discussion was the future aims from the Shire, to which Sue informed that the new parking restrictions seemed to work well and that the same signs will be reinstalled from December 2015 to Easter 2016 with some minor modifications to resolve some staff parking from the pub and store. A review of the parking will be undertaken following the 2015/16 summer period to decide the on-going future of this initiative.

The Shire has budgeted for a seasonal coastal local laws officer for 3-4 months for increased presence of enforcement this coming summer.

Relevant documents:

Press coverage – Colac Herald 17 Dec 2014 – announces the trial

Parking signage diagram relating to trial

Parking warning from the shire