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Colac Otway Shire

Colac Otway Shire Elections – 23 October 2016

The Progress Association sent out a letter to all nominated candidates for the 2016 Council Elections to obtain their views on specific topics relevant to the Wye River and Separation Creek communities, being:

Tree Management

  1. Tree management on Council owned land
  2. Strategy to retain trees on Council land

Bushfire Recovery

3.  BAL Rating approach

4.  Flexibility for property owners to alter BAL

5.  Neighbourhood Character Retention

Waste Collection

6.  Maintain pre-bushfire collection schedules

7.  Consideration of hard waste collection

Rate Capping

8.  2.5% Rates capping views


Refer to the link below for the full copy of the letter



Candidate Responses

Out of the 21 candidates who have nominated, 17 have been sent our President Juliet Le Feurve’s letter (please note four emails were sent out on 7 October to Tony Webber, Stephen Hart, Joe McCracken and Chris Smith who all sent out pamphlets with their details to property owners, and the rest were emailed out on the 10th October).

The candidates below have provided the following responses attached:

  1. Stephen Hart stephen-hart-response-8-october-2016
  2. Chris Smith chris-smith-response-8-oct-2016
  3. Andrew Beale andrew-beale-response-11-oct-2016
  4. Joe McCracken joe-mccracken-response-11-oct-2016
  5. Daryl Collins daryl-collins-response-12-oct-2016
  6. Janine Benson janine-benson-response-12-oct-2016
  7. Kate Hanson kate-hanson-response-13-october-2016
  8. Brian Crook brian-crook-response-13-oct-2016


The following candidates did not provide an email or postal address to receive communication and therefore would not be in a position to respond prior to the elections closing:

  1. Jason Schram
  2. Michael Delahunty
  3. Terry Woodcroft
  4. Chris Potter (email address unable to be sent)


Colac Otway Shire Papers

The Progress Association keeps an eye on any relevant issues that the Colac Otway Shire (COS) are dealing with that are relevant and  of interest to members of the Wye River and Separation Creek communities. Ian Angus, Vice President of the Progress Association, puts together a summary of relevant COS paper topics for the Committee to discuss at our meetings. Attached are the latest papers generated over the last 3 years.


WRSCPA Letter to COS Land Valuations May 2016

Community Resilience Newsletter 30 May 2016

COS April 2016 Meeting Wye Sep Resettlement Plan

MINUTES of COS Meeting 24 Feb 2016

COS Agenda 24 Feb 2016

COS Agenda for December 16 2015 meeting


COS – Council Papers August 2015 Meeting    Refer Link to Full Report  COS Council Agenda August 2015 – includes rate capping discussion

COS Council Papers for July 2015 Meeting

COS Agenda for COS Council Meeting June 2015

COS Council Papers – May 2015

COS Agenda for April 2015 Council meeting

COS Harrington Park Report 2015